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A Stretch Beyond Yoga

Overcome your anxiety and reboot your nervous system without needing medication. 

I will teach you how to improve your life across the board. You will gain more energy and balance, peace of mind, a gut that works, and so much more!

I believe that there is an over-reliance on prescription medications to treat people with anxiety, depression, and viral immune deficiency (autoimmune disease). I believe that you can overcome anxiety and depression without the use of medication through proper nutrition and natural supplementation, as well as further decrease the symptoms associated with viral immune deficiency. In conjunction with nutrition and supplementation, the practice of yoga and meditation will restore and heal the body naturally. I strongly believe this because I have personally been able to overcome my anxiety and depression in addition to decreasing chronic inflammation associated with my viral immune deficiencies.  

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Hi, I'm Taimi! (pronounced "tie-me")

I am a certified health coach and yoga instructor with over 500 hours of yoga training. I have 16 years of experience working as a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist. Having worked with both the young and old that were diagnosed with a variety of communication disorders, I have found anxiety to be an underlying factor.  Incorporating my health coaching knowledge, coupled with personal experience navigating an autoimmune disease, I can help you navigate your own health and well being.

Private and Group Yoga Sessions

Attend one of Taimi’s yoga classes at Studio NE (Natick, MA), attend an online class, or set up a private session.

Individual Health Coaching

Let Taimi help you along your journey to healing. Together, we will develop a plan to get to the core reason for why you feel unwell. Learn how to cultivate optimal health.

Restorative Yoga and Meditation

Learn how to calm your nervous system and use your breathing to manage the monkeys dancing in your mind.

Speech and Language Therapy

Therapy sessions address the nervous system in order to engage the frontal lobes and find a relaxed state. This will increase awareness so skills can be mastered and generalized.

What my clients say...

Zooming Yoga with Taimi has been the best thing I’ve done for myself since the beginning of COVID. Regardless of your age or experience (or lack of) with yoga, Taimi’s excellent cueing and modifications make it both safe and effective. I have never consistently done yoga, but since starting with Taimi these last few months – I’m hooked! It has helped with flexibility and balance and I feel I work every part of my body – safely. You get an excellent yoga class in the privacy of your own home.

Nina V.

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